Box 1. SciBX innovation summits launched.


This week, SciBX is publishing the first Roadmap for Innovation resulting from a SciBX Summit on Innovation in Drug Discovery & Development. In keeping with the newsletter's focus on identifying scientific advances with translational potential and analyzing them in their scientific and commercial context, SciBX has launched this summit series to catalyze discussion in select areas of biomedical innovation.

The SciBX summits bring together key opinion leaders in the translational space and focus on areas poised to reach an inflection point. The goal is to lay out the technical challenges and strategic opportunities for basic science, VC, biotech and pharma to lift the field to the next level.

To bring together key players from a variety of backgrounds to discuss these issues in depth, the SciBX editorial team convenes a working group of four to eight key opinion leaders in advance of the summit to develop a picture of the state of the field and help frame the discussion.

The first SciBX summit focused on macrocycles and constrained peptides-drug platforms with the clear potential to unlock new target space but for which there are many unanswered basic science questions.

The summit was hosted as a special session by BioPharm America at its 2012 conference in Boston. At the September meeting, the six members of the working group were joined by an audience comprised of other leaders in the field, including CEOs and CSOs of several macrocycle companies, representatives from big pharmas working in the space and top academics from the Boston area and beyond.

This first SciBX summit was produced with support from the following sponsors: Aileron Therapeutics Inc.; Amgen Inc.; BioDuro LLC, a PPD LLC company; Ipsen Group; MedImmune LLC; PeptiDream Inc.; Sanofi; Sofinnova Ventures; Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.; and Third Rock Ventures.

Following the positive reception to the summit, the SciBX editorial team has begun considering new targets, pathways and therapeutic approaches to discuss in 2013.

-Gaspar Taroncher-Oldenburg,

Managing Editor