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Start Up City? New York Says Yes
OnDemand Webcast
Sponsored by: Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.

A wave of start-up news is coming out of New York City. And the city's scientific, pharma and biotech leaders say it is only the beginning. After laying the groundwork for more than a decade, New York now has big expectations for its burgeoning life science ecosystem.

Accessing Europe

OnDemand Webcast
Sponsored by: Norgine

U.S. biotech and device companies seeking to access the European markets are faced with a complicated matrix of decisions, ranging from going it alone to out-licensing EU rights for their asset. This webinar will explore the partnering side of the decision tree. It will seek to paint a clear picture of the deal structures that companies can consider and the characteristics a partner needs to have to ensure a product's value is rapidly and completely realized in European territories.