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MoFo BioMeter - Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2012 Deal Report Covering
the Biotechnology Industry

Posted: March 15, 2013
By: Morrison & Foerster

BioMeter takes the pulse of the industry by looking at a key measure of deal value—upfront payments—for deals in all stages of development. In our second report the fourth quarter of 2012 saw an uptick in BioMeter value, with an average BioMeter value of approximately $26.8 million for license and collaboration agreements announced during the quarter, led by an increase in BioMeter values for Phase 2 transactions and a single high-value transaction for an approved product. Transactions for Phase 2 and pre-clinical/discovery products dominated the quarter, representing roughly 46% and 42% of transactions with reported stage of development. For the full year 2012, overall BioMeter values declined to approximately $21.2 million from approximately $43.7 million in 2011, returning to 2010 levels. Phase 2 deals saw an increase in both BioMeter value and relative frequency compared to 2011.


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