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Using BioCentury's BCIQ to Follow HCV Trial Progression

Posted: April 24, 2013
By: BioCentury Publications, Inc.

The HCV market has been one of the hottest development spaces over the last two years. With over 150 products in various stages of development, staying up-to-date on the competitive landscape is a full time job.

The timely tracking of clinical and pre-clinical results, regulatory decisions and milestones, investments, deals, emerging companies and translational science is critical to your success in this market. You also need to ensure the data you are gathering are accurate and fully vetted in order to make the most informed business decisions.

The data in this sample report were compiled solely through the use of BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence and are a small example of the robust information available on this space in BCIQ.

BCIQ customers, some of whom may be your competitors, have access to the entire warehouse of data on a daily basis. Each of the tables, charts and graphs were created in under 25 seconds with BCIQ's powerful search and filter tools. Accurate, fully vetted data plus an easy-to-use interface — that's the Power of BCIQ.

Enjoy the report and remember, similar reports on other markets are easily compiled through BCIQ!


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