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Staff Directory

› Conferences

Eric Pierce, Publisher, email
+1 650-595-5333 x 113

› Editorial, Research and Data Curation

For prompt and proper handling, please email ALL press releases to

Juli Balestrieri, Director, Data Curation Group,

Paul Bonanos, Editor, BioCentury Extra, email
Jeff Cranmer, Managing Editor, email
Nicole Cross, Data Specialist, Data Curation
Group, email
Emily Cukier-Meisner, Senior Writer, email
Meredith Durkin Wolfe, Manager, Research Group, email
Simone Fishburn, Ph.D., Editor, BioCentury Innovations, email
Stephen Hansen, Associate Editor, email
Ashley Hughey, Data Specialist, Data Curation
Group, email
Michael J. Haas, Associate Editor, email
Reena Khare, Manager, Data Curation Group,
Selina Koch, Staff Writer, email
Kelly Lamiman, Research Analyst, email
Kevin Lehnbeuter, Research Manager, email

Michael Leviten, Ph.D., Senior Writer, email
Virginia Li, Staff Writer, email
Kai-Jye Lou
, Senior Writer, email
Lauren Martz, Staff Writer, email
Erin McCallister, Senior Editor, email
Brian Moy, Research Manager, email
HoangKim Nguyen, Ph.D., Staff Writer, email
Stephen Parmley
, Ph.D., Senior Writer, email
Jennifer Rhodes
, Staff Writer, email
Tamra Sami, Senior Editor, email
Susan Schaeffer, Editor, BioCentury, email
Derek Smith, Research Manager, email
Meghan Sullivan, Research Analyst, email
Steve Usdin, Senior Editor, email
Jon Wolleben, Research Analyst, email
Walter Yang, Director of Research, email
Mark Zipkin, Staff Writer, email


› Marketing

Tom Carey, Vice President, Commercial Operations, email
+1 650-595-5333 x 211

Chris Dokomajilar, Director, Business Intellligence, email
+1 650-595-5333 x 215

Jamie Gould, Director, Multimedia Business Development, email
+1 650-595-5333 x 217

Greg Monteforte, Director, Marketing & Promotional Services, email
+1 650-595-5333 x 214

› Subscriptions

Orlando Abello
Corporate European
+1 650-595-5333 ext. 209

Matt Krebs
Corporate Accounts
Asia Pacific
+1 650-595-5333 ext. 216

Michelle Ortega
Corporate U.S.
+1 650-595-5333 ext. 204

Ron Rabinowitz
Financial Services
+1 650-595-5333 ext. 208

› TV Sponsorship

Tom Carey, Vice President, Commercial Operations, email
+1 650-595-5333 x 211