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The BioCentury China Healthcare Summit: The Bridge to Innovation

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Supporting Organizations

  October 18-19, 2016
Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Shanghai, China
+86 21 5049 1234
A limited number of rooms will be held at a special conference rate. Please click here to book your room.

  2016 年 10 月 18-19 日

+86 21 5049 1234

Description Description

The 3rd BioCentury China Healthcare Summit will gather top thinkers from industry, academia and finance to identify who will lead China's biopharma innovation ecosystem, how innovation will be funded, and the business strategies required to transform both domestic and multinational biopharmas and medtech companies as China advances its innovation agenda. Attendance is limited at this strategic, VIP-only event to ensure intimate dialogue and networking among peers.

当前,中国正不断深化其创新进程,来自工业、学术界以及金融领域的顶级思想家将齐聚第三届 BioCentury China Healthcare Summit,共同探讨谁将引领中国生物制药创新生态系统的发展、如何为创新融资以及为改造国内及跨国生物制药公司和医疗技术企业要采取怎样的经营战略。为确保业界精英能够展开专业性的密切对话与沟通,本次战略性行业活动仅限受邀的 VIP 人员出席。
The BioCentury China Healthcare Summit will include discussion of an exclusive conference report from our Insights Partner, McKinsey & Company, on transforming biopharma and medtech business models as China's healthcare system evolves. The Summit will also host the annual BayHelix Awards to celebrate R&D and commercial achievements in China, and a special half-day Science & Innovation Showcase.

我们的战略合作伙伴麦肯锡咨询公司将在本次 BioCentury China Healthcare Summit 上进行独家会议报告,报告主题为如何随着中国医疗保健体系的发展而对生物制药和医疗技术企业模型进行改造,届时峰会将围绕该报告展开讨论。峰会还将颁发百华协会奖 (BayHelix Awards),以表彰在中国所取得的研发和商业化成就。
The agenda has been developed by an organizing committee that includes China industry KOLs and BioCentury's editorial team. Simultaneous translation is provided in all sessions.

包括中国的行业关键意见领袖及 BioCentury 编辑团队在内的组织委员会已制定出会议日程。


Building Bridges To Innovation - The BioCentury China Healthcare Summit Report by McKinsey & Company


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