DNA-directed chemistry
Vipergen and Ensemble both use DNA oligos to perform "directed" chemistry. The difference between the two technologies is the DNA architecture.
Vipergen’s YoctoReactor uses 3-5 oligonucleotides, each attached to reactants. A chemical reaction is facilitated when the oligos hybridize and form a 3-D test tube-like space. The reactants are combined stepwise; each step includes two reactants but always requires at least three oligos. To do this, Vipergen adds dummy oligos, which are not bound to reactants, to form a complete YoctoReactor for each step. Once each reaction is complete, the oligos carrying reactants, but not the dummy oligos, are ligated. When DNA polymerase and a primer are added to make a strand complementary to the YoctoReactor oligonucleotides, the YoctoReactor dismantles to form double-stranded DNA, which is thermodynamically more stable. The newly synthesized molecule remains attached.