Even if Wall Street's interest in biotech proved mostly fickle in 1998, the reaction to EntreMed's anti-angiogenesis data in May proved what mice have known all along - human drugs work really well in rodents.

Indeed, ENMD's stupendous one-day run-up to more than $1 billion in market cap should point to the real opportunity for biotech: if all drug candidates work in mice, then everyone should concentrate on technology to transform the human immune system into the mouse version.

That said, we offer this catalog of the industry's achievements in improving murine health care during 1998.

Still sharp after all these years

NeoTherapeutics' AIT-082 nerve growth factor stimulator improved memory in mice . . . Sibia's SIB-A and SIB-B small molecules reduced beta amyloid protein and plaque formation by 70 percent in a mouse model of Alzheimer's.