Transactions involving AHP & Monsanto


(not including G.D. Searle, see below)

Asgrow Agronomics Seeds
Agracetus Agricultural biotechnology
Agroceres Corn seeds (Brazil)
Biopol Biodegradable plastics
Calgene Agricultural biotechnology
DeKalb Genetics Corn and soybean seeds (acquisition pending)
Delta & Pine Land Cotton seeds (acquisition pending)
Holden's Foundation corn seed
Limagrain Canola seeds
Monsoy Soybeans (Brazil)
ArQule (ARQL) Combinatorial chemistry
Biochemie Animal health fermentation
Cargill Grain processing and animal feed
Cultor Animal feed enzymes
Dyax Phage display
Ecogen (EECN) Bt insect resistance technology
Flamel (FLMLY) Agrochemical formulations
ForBio (ASX:FBO) Gene mapping
GeneTrace Genomics
IBM Bioinformatics