The company has only one product, a morphogenic protein on which two partnerships were formed and a lot of its future plans are pinned. But Creative BioMolecules Inc. (CBMI, Hopkinton, Mass.), which owns a broad patent portfolio to the OP-1 protein and other morphogenic proteins, is embarking on an amibitious course of research following last week's announcement of its deal with Biogen Inc. (BGEN, Cambridge, Mass.) for renal disorders.

The BGEN deal, which includes $38.5 million up front plus $69 million in potential milestones plus a $15 million line of credit, pivots on research showing that OP-1 is a critical molecule involved in the formation of the kidney during early development. But CBMI's President and CEO, Michael Tarnow, said the company also will be accelerating research for OP-1 applications for cartilage and central nervous system (CNS) diseases, including Parkinson's disease.