SangStat creating a niche in transplant market

SangStat Medical Corp. was to announce today that it has filed for Canadian marketing approval of Thymoglobulin, a rabbit-derived polyclonal antibody for prophylaxis of solid organ transplant rejection.

The filing puts in place another piece in the company's strategy of rapid commercialization of transplantation products. And it comes just as the company's partner, Baxter, has raised the ante by forming its own broad-based product platform for the transplantation market.

SANG already has one commercial product, its Pra-Stat monitoring kit to identify compatibility between organ donors and recipients. The kit is marketed by Baxter in Europe and SANG expects it to be approved in the U.S. shortly.

In fact, the formation of Nextran by Baxter earlier this month as an organ transplantation affiliate, while appearing at first to pose strong competition for a small company like SANG, on second look is a more complex development. (See BioCentury, Sept. 6, 1994.)

New competition

Nextran, which includes technology from Baxter, DNX Corp