Genzyme's tissue conglomerate

It has proven to be more difficult to develop products for wound healing and tissue repair than companies initially anticipated. In two separate technology acquisitions this summer, Genzyme Corp. has put together a new business unit that it believes will have the most comprehensive technology base in tissue repair.
GENZ's approach to the problem starts from the assumption that others have approached the area piecemeal, when instead a multifaceted approach to each clinical problem is required.
For GENZ, the final piece of the puzzle was the acquisition of BioSurface Technology Inc. The stock swap, announced last week, will give GENZ and BSRF shareholders an equal interest in a new GENZ business unit, Genzyme Tissue Repair.

'Comprehensive solutions'
Genz had five tissue repair products to contribute to the new unit, and in June added a second piece to the puzzle when it licensed BetaKine TGF beta-2 from