Chiron continues to drop shoes

Chiron Corp. demonstrated with two new deals last week that it has a clearly delineated vision of where it wants to go and how it wants to get there.

Each deal represented a separate piece of CHIR's strategy. One, with Cephalon Inc., is to gain entry through strategic alliances into emerging technologies; the other, with Houghten Pharmaceuticals Inc., is to build strong patent positions around key technologies.

The CEPH collaboration, for the research, development and marketing of products to treat neurological disorders, continued CHIR's quest for access to novel technologies.

"The Cephalon deal is another in a not-yet-completed series of deals which are plays into emerging technologies," said CHIR spokesperson Larry Kurtz. "In each case the philosophy is the same: To have a world-class program you need critical mass. We don't want to create and fund a world-class program and fund things we have no interest in. So we're buying a piece of the pie, the piece of most interest to us.

Acquiring experience

"We have an interest in neurology, but no experience. This gets us in with someone with clinical development expertise in