Sandoz's nimble approach to biotech development

Frustrated at the slow pace at which GM-CSF was developed, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corp. is proving that a streamlined biopharmaceutical operation within the parent company can save money and move fast.
Sandoz's Cytokine Development Unit was started in August 1991 to develop therapies for cancer and cancer-related disorders. The CDU's first budget combined the previous budgets of its component parts and slashed them by a third based on presumed economies. In the CDU's first full year of operations in 1992, it came in 15 percent under budget, according to Daniel Levitt, executive director. The budget was increased this year, but will come in 15 percent under budget again.
"The CDU grew out of the perception that the development of GM-CSF didn't go well within Sandoz, and that the