While reimbursement consultants say France's Haute Autorite de Sante (HAS) is more predictable than Germany's Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) and Germany's Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), the data also show HAS in some cases has been more stringent in its evaluation of the comparative benefit of newly approved drugs than IQWiG and G-BA. On the other hand, Germany's narrower definition of patient-relevant benefit makes it harder to get premium pricing in that country.

Of 18 drugs assessed by both countries, three had French ASMR ratings showing a greater additional benefit in at least one subpopulation compared to IQWiG/G-BA, while five drugs were deemed more innovative by IQWiG/G-BA than by HAS. The agencies had similar assessments for 10 drugs. Six drugs with IQWiG/G-BA assessments have yet to be assessed in France.