WASHINGTON - A delegation of biotech leaders from San Diego, headed by Gensia Inc. Chairman, President & CEO David Hale, are scheduled to meet with health care advisor Ira Magaziner at the White House tomorrow to communicate the industry's opposition to price controls on prescription drugs.

Magaziner invited the San Diego excutives to send a delegation to Washington to discuss their concerns about the administration's health care proposal during a teleconference call to the CalBio Summit meeting in San Diego on Oct. 22.

Joining Hale at the meeting will be Ken Widder, chairman and CEO of Molecular Biosystems Inc., William Rastetter, president and CEO of IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corp.; Theodore Roth, executive vice president of Alliance Pharmaceuticals Corp.; William Hawkins, CEO of IVAC Corp.; William Otterson, director of the University of California at San Diego Connect Program in Technology & Entrepreneurship; and a representative of the Biotechnology Industry Organization will attend the meeting, according to BIO President Carl Feldbaum.

BIO's lobbying campaign on health care reform also is focused on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. BIO has targeted 77 members of Congress who are most likely to shape health care reform legislation.

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The lawmakers include the leadership of the House and Senate, and the