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  • Figure: Money razed

    Paper cuts Money razed Source: BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Figure: Biotech fund flows

    Sowing season Biotech fund flows Biotech funds saw net inflows of $6 billion in 2015, despite $1.3 billion of net outflows during 4Q. The December fund flows figure below is provisional. Source: EPFR Global

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Table: 2016 milestones

    Sowing season 2016 milestones Selected products with clinical or regulatory milestones expected in 2016. (A) Based on estimated completion date on; Source: BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence…

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Table: Approval watch

    Sowing season Approval watch Selected products up for approval in 2016. Source: BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence Company Product Indication Event Milestone AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV) / Enanta …

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Table: New products to watch

    Sowing season New products to watch Selected drugs that received regulatory approval in 2015. (A) Prior approvals in parentheses; Source: BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence Company Product Indication 2015 …

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Table: Postlaunch report

    Sowing season Postlaunch report Two drugs that were first approved in 2014 — both for HCV — cracked $1 billion in 2015. Harvoni ledipasvir/sofosbuvir from Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) blew way past that mark…

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Table: Top biotech products

    Sowing season Top biotech products At least 32 drugs developed and marketed by biotechs are expected to have more than $1 billion in 2015 sales. Antivirals from Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) account for seven…

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Paper cuts

    Why companies raising follow-ons were crushed last week

    Finance Ebb & Flow Paper cuts Figure: Money Raised in 2016 Figure: Money razed The predicted crush of biotech paper arrived on schedule, but sour macro conditions resulted in companies taking much bigger …

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Dollars for degradation

    Why investors backed new protein degradation play C4 with $73M A round

    Finance Ebb & Flow Dollars for degradation C4 Therapeutics Inc. parlayed strong preclinical data into a tranched $73 million series A round and a deal with Roche (SIX:ROG; OTCQX:RHHBY) that will allow the newco …

    Published on 1/11/2016
  • Figure: London vs. Europe

    Big band swing London vs. Europe The BioCentury Europe index gained a whopping 40% in 2015, while the BioCentury London index edged up 8%. Thirteen of 19 continental European companies in the market cap-weighted …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Figure: Price-to-earnings: BT vs. RX

    Big band swing Price-to-earnings: BT vs. RX The gap between big biotech and big pharma's average P/Es widened, as the former's multiple jumped 19% to 24 from 20.2 in 3Q15. Rare disease company Alexion …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Figure: Results by market cap

    Big band swing Results by market cap The top two market cap segments closed out the year in the black thanks to a strong 4Q showing. Companies valued at $5 billion or more were up a median of 15.7% in 4Q and 7.2% …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Table: 4Q approvals

    Big band swing 4Q approvals Selected 4Q approvals. Company Approval Actelion Ltd. (SIX:ATLN) / Nippon Shinyaku Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4516) FDA approves Uptravi selexipag to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (…

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Table: Index performance

    Big band swing Index performance In 2015, the BioCentury 100, NYSE Arca Biotechnology (BTK) and NASDAQ Biotechnology (NBI) indices all outperformed the general markets, as gauged by the Dow Jones Industrial …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Table: Restructuring watch

    Big band swing Restructuring watch At least nine companies reported workforce reductions in the fourth quarter compared to at least two in the same period last year. Table below sorted by date ascending. All cash …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Big band swing

    Biotech winners, losers in 4Q15

    Big cap biotechs led the charge as all market cap bands except microcaps gained in 4Q15.

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Figure: Money Raised in 2015

    Buying American Money Raised in 2015 In the last two weeks, the biotech industry raised $374 million, bringing to $109.7 billion the total raised year-to-date. In 2014, a total of $54.9 billion was raised, …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Box: Tactical shift

    Curbed enthusiasm Tactical shift Venture capitalists are preparing for the possibility of their companies remaining private for longer periods than in recent years. Some are starting to explore tranched mezzanine …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Figure: Clinton déjà vu

    Curbed enthusiasm Clinton déjà vu The market reaction to Hillary Clinton's Sept. 21, 2015, tweet about drug pricing was strikingly similar to what happened when she tackled the same issue more than two decades …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Figure: M&A activity

    Curbed enthusiasm M&A activity The aggregate transaction value for M&A deals completed in 2015 was $168 billion. The figure was far and away the largest amount seen for the industry over the past 16 years, but it …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Figure: Raised by market cap

    Curbed enthusiasm Raised by market cap Money raised by public companies more than doubled to $97.4 billion in 2015 vs. $45.7 billion in 2014. In 2015, there were 494 companies that tapped the markets vs. 475 …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Table: Follow-on performance

    Curbed enthusiasm Follow-on performance Although the volume of follow-ons steadily declined throughout 2015 — dipping to 24 deals in 4Q from 46 in 3Q, 60 in 2Q and 94 in 1Q — last year saw companies raise a total …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Table: IPO performance

    Curbed enthusiasm IPO performance In 4Q, 19 companies raised $1.2 billion in IPOs. For the full year, 83 companies raised $8 billion, which was the third largest annual amount raised since 1994, when BioCentury …

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Table: IPO queue

    Curbed enthusiasm IPO queue At least eight companies have announced plans to go public since the start of 4Q15, bringing the IPO queue to at least 22. Unless noted, companies are seeking to list on NASDAQ. Filings…

    Published on 1/4/2016
  • Effector's expansion

    Why Effector opted for a $40M B round to expand Ph I/II cancer trial

    Ebb & Flow Effector's expansion Effector Therapeutics Inc. had planned to complete a Phase I/II trial of eFT508 with existing cash, but preclinical data showing the compound's activity in a wide range of tumor …

    Published on 1/4/2016

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