Private biotechs raised $311 million last week, bringing the total venture money raised so far this year to $3.1 billion. By comparison, private biotechs had raised about $1.5 billion at this point last year. Last week's rounds greater than $15 million are listed below. (A) Amount secured, with undisclosed amount raised in first tranche; (B) Final tranche of a $176 million series A round. Source: BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence


Business/Development stage



Raised ($M)

ProNAi Therapeutics Inc.

DNA interference technology to modulate gene transcription. Lead compound PNT2258 is in Phase II for relapsed or refractory non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL).

Vivo Capital; Frazier Healthcare; OrbiMed Advisors; Adams Street Partners; RA Capital Management; Caxton Alternative Management; Hopen Life Sciences Ventures; Sectoral Asset Management Fund; Janus Capital Management; existing investors

Series D