Ominous signs

Price moves for the 40 dual-listed stocks that have a U.S. listing. Of the 40 companies, 36 traded down on the week with 26 falling more than 10%. (A) Company's local exchange listed first

Company/Exchange (A) 9/7 price 9/14 price Wkly price chg wkly % chg wkly vol
Lion Bio (NMarkt:LIO; LEON) E12.75 E7.80 -E4.95 -39% 5931
Vasogen (TSE:VAS; MEW) C$6.50 C$4.90 -C$1.60 -25% 11508
OxiGene (OXGN; SSE:OXGN) SEK31 SEK24 -SEK7 -23% 921
Angiotech (TSE:ANP; ANPI) C$58.49 C$47.50 -C$10.99 -19% 7421