Wasting assets

By contrast, Corixa (CRXA) last week scooped up Anergen (ANRG) for $8.5 million in shares. ANRG, which had $2.4 million in cash at Sept. 30, has two products in the clinic and adds pieces to CRXA's budding autoimmune platform (see Cover Story). In addition, certain ANRG investors are ponying up $1.5 million in bridge loans to ease the deal through.

And Mobil and Exxon think oil prices are falling . . .

A follow-on slips through

Anesta raised $59.5 million in a follow-on that priced on Thursday. Helping move NSTA's paper was last month's FDA approval of Actiq oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate to manage breakthrough cancer pain. NSTA shares not only held up during the road show (dipping only $0.125), but the company also upped the deal by 1 million shares and sold 2.8 million shares at $21.25 per share. The stock closed Friday at $23.188.