Selected late-stage milestones and potential regulatory events anticipated this year, based on company announcements during the first quarter and other corporate sources.

Company Product Indication Milestone
Advanced Tissue (ATIS) Dermagraft Diabetic foot ulcers Final approval & launch
Alkermes (ALKS) ProLease Growth hormone deficient children Results late 98
Alteon (ALTN) Pimagedine Type I diabetes Complete Phase III by year end
Amgen (AMGN) Stemgen (SCF) Peripheral blood progenitor cell transplants Under FDA review
Amylin (AMLN) Pramlintide Type I and II diabetes Phase III results in 4Q98
Anesta (NSTA) Actiq Breakthrough pain in cancer Under FDA review
Aronex (ARNX) Nyotran Systemic fungal infections Complete Phase III enrollment 2H98
Aronex (ARNX) Atragen Acute promyelocytic leukemia & solid tumors File NDA 2H98
AutoImmune (AIMM) Colloral Rheumatoid arthritis 6-month pivotal trial began March 98