Each year at the NewsMakers in the Biotech Industry investment conference, BioCentury provides a handy bilingual phrase book for those among us who are unfortunate enough to speak only one language. The language of choice at last week's NewsMakers event was BankerSpeak, a linguistic subtype spoken mostly on the island of Manhattan and a few other urban enclaves around the world.

BioCentury would like to thank Jacqueline Siegel, now an analyst at Raymond James, who was a key translator in the previous efforts to unmask Corporate Cliches and AnalystSpeak. Thanks also this year to those bankers, analysts and CEOs who gave selflessly of their time for this valuable public service.

Statement . . .

1. Adding a third underwriter to your IPO just decreases your chances of attracting independent analyst coverage later.
2. As the head of our corporate finance team, I will be personally involved throughout the deal process.
3. The management team should never get involved in the economic split discussion among the underwriters.
4. We've done plenty of deals with that bank and work very well with them.
5. Our