A little more than a year ago, BioCentury printed a handy list of corporate cliches, developed in collaboration with Gerard Klauer Mattison analyst Jacqueline Siegel, for use by CEOs, investor relations specialists and PR types suffering from writer's block (see BioCentury June 19, 1995). We've heard that it's become popular wall art.

But turnabout is fair play, so we've collaborated on a list of our favorite analyst cliches - for use by Wall Street analysts at a loss for just the right bon mot. And this time, we've provided a translation for those not fluent in Analystese. (Note: The letters next to the translations provide the answer key to a scrambled version of the list, which was given as a quiz to attendees of last week's NewsMakers in the Biotech Industry investment conference.)

Statement . . .

1. The recent decline in XYZ's stock price represents a unique buying opportunity.