Emerging Company Profile Eukarion: Addressing intracellular targets By Ilan Zipkin
Staff Writer

For its first two years, Eukarion Inc. operated out of co-founder Bernard Malfroy's "garage." At that stage, Eukarion existed mainly to reach proof of concept and file patent claims on technology pioneered by Malfroy and co-founder Michel Baudry. The founders intended to apply their background in neuroscience to "applications that were broad by design: targets for drug development leading to many potential indications," said Malfroy, who is president and CEO. Eukarion now has two areas of research focused on intracellular targets in several disease areas.

Synthetic catalytic scavengers

The company's first program targets oxidative stress, a common underlying complication contributing to tissue damage in a variety of inflammatory and ischemic conditions. Oxidative stress is the result of a buildup of normally produced but cytotoxic reactive oxygen species such as superoxide ions, hydroxyl radicals, and hydrogen peroxide.