It's a scientist's answer to the throughput bottleneck and a CEO's solution to accelerating new product leads and development strategies: integrated software for genomics, combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening that focuses on the biology rather than the cumbersome and time-consuming details of data management. The technology is being developed by Pangea Systems Inc. (Oakland, Calif.).

"Pangea is addressing the growing urgency in the pharma sector for a simplified framework that would allow companies to integrate and analyze enormous amounts of data by infusing informatics into all stages of the drug discovery process," said company Chairman Dale Pfost. "The company simply leveraged off the commitments of millions of dollars already invested in data management by the industry, recognizing and addressing the commonality of problems, and ultimately creating workflow architecture that got companies out of the traditional traps - such as launching thousands of individual searches with layers of strategies."

New venture round

The software architecture being developed by Pangea has