Desmos Inc. is focusing on tissue engineering and cell therapy, concentrating on internal applications of tissue adhesion.

In tissue engineering, the company is looking at the way epithelial cells are organized, attach to the skin, and differentiate. In cell therapy, Desmos is working on pancreatic islet cell transplantation and in vivo use of implanted cells. The company also is working on periodontal uses of cells.

Desmos was founded to commercialize discoveries in epithelial cell growth and attachment by Vito Quaranta of the Scripps Research Institute and Jonathan Jones of the Northwestern University Medical School.

Although epithelial cells account for more than 90 percent of the body's cell types, many kinds are difficult to culture and grow. Desmos' founding scientists have discovered a novel laminin, a class of proteins found in the extracellular matrix. The protein, Desmosin, plays a role in helping epithelial cells attach to the extracellular matrix, signal other cells and organize into body tissues.

How it works

Desmosin is found