Emerging Company Profile Delsys: TV screens to drug delivery

Medical technology can come from the most unexpected places. The drug delivery technology underlying 1995 startup Delsys Pharmaceutical Corp. is the result of an improvement in the manufacture of television screens.

The David Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton, N.J., had developed a dry powder deposition technology and related electronics technology based on electrostatic properties for use in high-definition CRT tubes. While existing technology uses a slurry process to put layers of phosphorus on screens, the Sarnoff process directly writes on TV screens by charging the surface, thereby attracting the phosphorus particles. The process allows for the presorting of particles by size and for the control of the amount of particles to be deposited.

One employee

Delsys was founded by Sarnoff and the CW Group, a New York venture fund, to apply the technology to drug delivery and pharmaceutical manufacturing. CW Group has committed $2.5 million in initial funding and general partner Charles Hartman is