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  • Box: Streamlining operations

    Streamlining Takeda's Profit Story Streamlining operations Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. said the goal of the commercial and R&D reorganization announced last month is to make its operations more agile and to allow…

    Published on 10/13/2014
  • Figure: Takeda chronicles

    Streamlining Takeda's Profit Story Takeda chronicles Shares of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4502) have fallen 45% from a peak of ¥8,400 in February 2007 to ¥4,587 last Friday. The decline started when …

    Published on 10/13/2014
  • Figure: The bottom line

    Streamlining Takeda's Profit Story The bottom line While revenues for Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Tokyo: 4502) have increased by 4% a year since the financial crisis in 2008-09, the pharma's EPS has declined an …

    Published on 10/13/2014
  • Table: Takeda comps

    Streamlining Takeda's Profit Story Takeda comps Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4502) has reported steady cost increases on an absolute basis and as a percentage of revenues since FY04, just before starting a …

    Published on 10/13/2014
  • Streamlining Takeda's Profit Story

    Takeda needs to execute on cost-cutting, pipeline to meet EPS expectations

    After a decade of acquisitions, Takeda is focused on getting costs in line with global peers and meeting expectations for EPS expansion.

    Published on 10/13/2014
  • 4Q14 Financial Markets Preview: 'Perfect world' - for now

    4Q biotech stocks: Large cap recovery points to smaller cap cherry picking

    With the recovery of biotech indices driven by large caps, investors are looking to cherry-pick small- and mid-caps to pad returns in 4Q.

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • 4Q14 Financial Markets Preview: Commercial race in HCV

    4Q14 investor themes: pricing in HCV race, next steps in immunotherapy, HBV

    In 4Q14, investors will focus on pricing in the HCV race, progress in cancer immunotherapy and the potential in HBV.

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Table: 4Q milestones

    Commercial race in HCV 4Q milestones Selected products with Phase III or regulatory milestones expected in 4Q14. (A) Uses antisense chemistry from Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ISIS); Source: BCIQ: BioCentury …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Figure: London vs Europe

    Going big again London vs Europe The BioCentury Europe and BioCentury London indices both were up 5-6% in 3Q14. The largest stock in the continental European benchmark, UCB Group (Euronext:UCB), helped drive the …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Figure: Price-to-earnings: BT vs RX

    Going big again Price-to-earnings: BT vs RX The average P/Es for biotech and big pharma continue to converge, with biotech's multiple at about 1.3x big pharma's at the end of 3Q14 compared to 1.7x a year ago. The …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Figure: Results by market cap

    Going big again Results by market cap Large-cap biotechs - companies valued above $5 billion - outperformed all other market cap segments in 3Q14, led by 30%-plus gains by Sigma-Aldrich Corp. (NASDAQ:SIAL) and …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Table: 3Q approvals

    Going big again 3Q approvals Selected third quarter approvals. Company Approval Alimera Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:ALIM)/pSivida Corp. (NASDAQ:PSDV; ASX:PVA) FDA approves Iluvien fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Table: Index performance

    Going big again Index performance Index 3Q14 YTD NYSE Arca Biotechnology 11% 33% BioCentury 100 10% 23% NASDAQ Biotechnology 6% 21% BioCentury Europe 6% 24% BioCentury London 5% 12% NASDAQ …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Table: Restructuring watch

    Going big again Restructuring watch At least eight companies reduced their workforces during the third quarter, compared with at least 10 in the same period last year. All cash and operating loss figures in $M; …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Figure: Healthcare/biotech fund flows

    'Perfect world' - for now Healthcare/biotech fund flows Buyside optimism about the overall healthcare space was reflected in the 3Q14 fund flows, as less than $1 million exited healthcare/biotech funds last quarter,…

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Table: Follow-on performance

    'Perfect world' - for now Follow-on performance Reflecting the ability of biotechs to pad balance sheets with cash since the beginning of 2012, a modest $1 billion was raised via 21 follow-ons in 3Q14, fewer deals …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Table: IPO Performance

    'Perfect world' - for now IPO Performance Thirty companies raised more than $3 billion in IPOs in 3Q14. Excluding the $871.3 million raised by supply and services company Catalent Inc. (NYSE:CTLT) and the $509.8 …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Table: IPO queue

    'Perfect world' - for now IPO queue Twenty companies have announced plans to go public since the start of 3Q14, bringing the IPO queue to at least 39. Additionally, in 1Q14, China genomics company BGI Inc. said it …

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • 3Q14 Stock Wrap-Up: Going big again

    Winners, losers in biotech stock tiers in 3Q14

    For the second quarter in a row, only the large cap biotechs finished in the black in 3Q14.

    Published on 10/6/2014
  • Targeting PREA

    Advocates want Pediatric Research Equity Act to boost cancer treatments

    Oncologists and patient advocates want Pediatric Research Equity Act mandates to study new targeted cancer drugs in children.

    Published on 9/29/2014
  • Patching compassionate access

    Congress might move on compassionate access; wholesale reform looks unlikely

    Congress is gearing up to reconsider compassionate access to drugs, but wholesale reform looks unlikely.

    Published on 9/29/2014
  • Pandora's CVOT

    Contrave highlights data protection conundrum facing CV outcomes studies

    The Contrave case highlights the challenges of running a single CV outcomes trial to satisfy FDA while protecting the data.

    Published on 9/22/2014
  • Weighing in on obesity

    How Contrave and liraglutide could succeed in obesity

    The newest obesity drugs will have the weight of pharma companies behind them in the key cardiometabolic markets required for success.

    Published on 9/22/2014
  • Table: Obesity Runway

    Weighing in on obesity Obesity runway If Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:OREX), Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4502) and Novo Nordisk A/S (CSE:NVO; NYSE:NVO) are successful in building physician awareness …

    Published on 9/22/2014
  • Cost and quality: Box: CMS bundles up

    Cancer: Cost and quality CMS bundles up CMS has signaled an interest in a bundled model for cancer reimbursement that would include physician services plus infused and outpatient drugs. The Medicare agency would not…

    Published on 9/15/2014

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