When BioCentury was launched nearly three years ago, the falling market demanded a focus on the plight of mid- to late-stage companies that were gasping for funds to stay alive. That, coupled to health care reform, proved to be a powerful preoccupation. But we became frustrated about the tendency of public company news to drive out coverage of earlier-stage companies.

This week, BioCentury makes a move to rectify that situation by introducing a new feature, Emerging Company Profiles, which will be dedicated to earlier-stage companies, their business models, strategies and Clear Route to ROI issues. While we expect to tinker with the format going forward, the focus still will be on the issues that go beyond technology to the business of building companies and lasting value.

BioCentury Part I includes three such profiles, on IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals Inc., Delsys Pharmaceutical Corp., and Activated Cell Therapy Inc.

Emerging Company Profile

IntraBiotics: A low-cost timeline