Washington front man

Biotech goes outside to find an insider

By Steve Usdin
Contributing Editor

WASHINGTON - Biotechnology's new point man in Washington will add science to a diverse background that stretches from the Pentagon to the Senate, with stops along the way to become embroiled in the Watergrate investigations and to manage the career of a U.S. karate champion.

Carl Feldbaum spoke to BioCentury in his office here after his appointment as president of the Biotechnology Industry Organization was announced last week. BIO is a new industry association that will emerge from the planned merger of the Association of Biotechnology Companies and the Industrial Biotechnology Association.

Taught by his son

Feldbaum was to begin work today, several weeks ahead of schedule. As head of the newly unified biotech trade association, Feldbaum's task is to articulate the industry's concerns to Congress, the White House and