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  • Rules of competition

    How companies can compete with gene therapies that provide a functional cure

    Gene therapy may differ from other therapeutic categories as the first in class to provide a functional cure may get most of the Orphan patients.

    Published on 7/27/2015
  • Figure: Crowding the gene pool

    Rules of competition Crowding the gene pool There are 33 gene therapy products being developed in Orphan indications where there is more than one competitor developing a therapy encoding the same gene. The most …

    Published on 7/27/2015
  • Framing value

    How ASCO's value framework could affect cancer drug uptake, coverage

    ASCO's value framework to help doctors and patients make treatment decisions could also help inform payer decisions about reimbursement.

    Published on 7/20/2015
  • Experiments under way

    How Express Scripts, ASCO, Novartis are tinkering with price and value

    Express Scripts, ASCO and Novartis are experimenting with new ways to assess value and set drug prices.

    Published on 7/20/2015
  • Indications of value

    How Express Scripts plans to do indication-based pricing for cancer drugs

    Express Scripts will test an indication-based pricing model in cancer, and new tools that tie clinical performance to the price the PBM will pay.

    Published on 7/20/2015
  • Figure: BACH's abacus

    Indications of value BACH's abacus The Drug Abacus developed by Peter Bach at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center can be used to determine a dollar value for 54 cancer drugs that is customized based on how much…

    Published on 7/20/2015
  • Figure: Components of value

    Indications of value Components of value The Drug Abacus was developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to allow patients, physicians, payers or drug companies to calculate the dollar value of a cancer …

    Published on 7/20/2015
  • Paying in heart failure

    Why Novartis likes outcomes-based payment for Entresto in heart failure

    A risk-sharing scheme for Entresto could help Novartis launch in a crowded generic market with an outcome payers already track.

    Published on 7/20/2015
  • Table: 2H15 milestones

    Big news 2H15 milestones Selected products with clinical or regulatory milestones expected in 2H15. Source: BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence Company Product Indication Event Milestone AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:…

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Big news

    Biotech names and milestones investors like heading into 2H15

    The second half of 2015 includes a host of milestones that could put biotech bellwethers on a steeper upward trajectory.

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Mid-cap hot streak

    Biotech winners, losers in 2Q15

    Mid-cap biotechs posted the best performance in 2Q15, again outpacing their large-cap brethren.

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Tiers, some fears

    Buysiders expect biotech mid-caps to find favor with generalists in 3Q15

    Bankers and buysiders expect generalists to move down to the next biotech market cap tier, as the sector's bull run nears 6 1/2 years.

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Figure: London vs. Europe

    Mid-cap hot streak London vs. Europe The BioCentury Europe gained 7% in 2Q15, while the BioCentury London was up 4%. While decliners beat advancers 13 to 6 in the BC Europe index, the market cap-weighted benchmark…

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Figure: Price-to-earnings: BT vs RX

    Mid-cap hot streak Price-to-earnings: BT vs RX The average P/E for big biotechs was 26.2 at the end of 2Q15, up 5% from 24.9 in 1Q and 22% higher than the 10-year historical average of 21.5. Notably, the P/E for …

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Figure: Results by market cap

    Mid-cap hot streak Results by market cap All market cap tiers above $200 million posted gains in 2Q. The top tier — companies valued above $5 billion — gained 3% and was led by a 22% move by Actelion Ltd. (SIX:…

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Table: 2Q approvals

    Mid-cap hot streak 2Q approvals Selected second quarter approvals. Company Approval Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ALXN) EC approves an expanded label for Soliris eculizumab to treat transfusion-…

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Table: Index performance

    Mid-cap hot streak Index performance Index 2Q15 1H15 NASDAQ Biotechnology 7% 22% BioCentury Europe 7% 20% BioCentury 100 6% 26% NYSE Arca Biotechnology 5% 22% BioCentury London 4% 6% NASDAQ …

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Table: Restructuring watch

    Mid-cap hot streak Restructuring watch At least five companies reported workforce reductions in the second quarter compared to at least four in the same period last year. All cash and operating loss figures in $M.…

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Figure: Biotech fund flows

    Tiers, some fears Biotech fund flows About $1.6 billion flowed into biotech funds last quarter, bringing total net inflows for the first half to $5.7 billion. This compares with $2.8 billion of net inflows in 1H14…

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Figure: Raging bull

    Tiers, some fears Raging bull The biotech bull market now stands at 6.4 years, longer than any bull run since BioCentury created the BioCentury 100 index in the early 1990s. The next longest run, in 2003-08, …

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Table: Follow-on performance

    Tiers, some fears Follow-on performance Fifty-eight biotechs raised $7.7 billion via follow-on offerings last quarter to bring the 1H15 total to $19.1 billion, surpassing the record total for a full year, $11.4 …

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Table: IPO performance

    Tiers, some fears IPO performance Twenty-seven biotechs raised $3 billion via IPOs last quarter, bringing the total raised year to date to $5 billion. The 2Q IPO class is up a median of 10%, led by 200%-plus moves…

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Table: IPO queue

    Tiers, some fears IPO queue Fifteen companies have announced plans to go public since the start of 2Q15, bringing the IPO queue to at least 23. Unless noted, companies are seeking to list on NASDAQ. Most recent …

    Published on 7/13/2015
  • Would you rather?

    How patient preference data make patient engagement real

    Data from patient preference surveys are being integrated into drug development to improve adherence, design target profiles and inform regulatory decisions.

    Published on 6/29/2015
  • Box: Devices first

    Would you rather? Devices first FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health has been in the vanguard of the agency's efforts to solicit patient preference data and use it to support approval decisions. In …

    Published on 6/29/2015

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