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  • Getting Euroclidian on GPCRs

    Technology Briefing Getting Euroclidian on GPCRs The acquisition of GPCR service company Euroclide SA will give Faust Pharmaceuticals S.A. another tool with which to identify leads for neurodegenerative diseases. …

    Published on 12/22/2003
  • Improving the RNAi toolkit

    Technology Briefing Improving the RNAi toolkit RNA interference is widely used as the technology of choice to silence genes in both in vitro and in vivo studies. However, it still needs improvements in terms of …

    Published on 12/22/2003
  • Stirring the RNAi soup

    Technology Briefing Stirring the RNAi soup Most companies working on RNA interference (RNAi) use the introduction of small interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules into cells to knock out the expression of specific genes. …

    Published on 12/15/2003
  • Neurogen pipeline

    Technology Briefing: Not just plain vanilla Neurogen pipeline Compounds in preclinical and clinical development at Neurogen. Compound Indication Status Milestone Partner NGD 2000-1 C5a antagonist Rheumatoid …

    Published on 12/8/2003
  • Not just plain vanilla

    Technology Briefing Not just plain vanilla Neurogen pipeline Opioid agonists are the workhorses of pain treatment, and companies have not yet run out of ways to improve on them. But new targets without the sedative…

    Published on 12/8/2003
  • Renin to the bank

    Although preclinical deals don't look to help Merck & Co. Inc.'s shaky profit prospects in the near term, the pharma company has found two …

    Published on 12/8/2003
  • Cyclacel displays its POLO ponies

    Technology Briefing Cyclacel displays its POLO ponies In 2000, cell cycle specialist Cyclacel Ltd. set up a division to discover and develop cancer genes associated with mitosis and meiosis, based on more than 100 …

    Published on 11/24/2003
  • Optimata's virtual patients

    Technology Briefing Optimata's virtual patients Thrombopoietin was a hot molecule a few years ago, when a number of companies hoped to develop it to treat thrombocytopenia. They all ultimately dropped it due to …

    Published on 11/17/2003
  • Acuity's move in RNA-eye

    Technology briefing Acuity's move in RNA-eye The chances that the first RNAi-based treatment will enter the clinic in the near term rose last week after researchers at Acuity Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced that they…

    Published on 11/10/2003
  • Invitrogen goes Stealth

    Technology briefing Invitrogen goes Stealth Invitrogen Corp. hopes to distinguish itself from other suppliers of RNAi technology by providing comprehensive packages that allow researchers to use interfering RNA …

    Published on 11/10/2003
  • Cause without effect

    Technology Briefing Cause without effect In autoimmune disease, companies aiming to squelch the damage induced by auto-antibodies have two options: stop auto-antibody production or stop their impact on targeted …

    Published on 11/3/2003
  • Directed antibodies

    Technology Briefing Directed antibodies Diversa Corp. is throwing its hat into the antibody generation arena, and hopes that its directed evolution technologies will produce a broader range of antibodies than are …

    Published on 10/27/2003
  • HIV gags on PA-457

    Technology Briefing HIV gags on PA-457 HIV drugs currently target three viral proteins, but Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc. is hoping to up the tally with its PA-457, a compound that interferes with the formation of …

    Published on 10/27/2003
  • Dominating TNF

    Technology Briefing Dominating TNF The use of dominant negative proteins - proteins that ab-rogate the function of their natural counterparts - is relatively commonplace in the laboratory. Now Xencor Inc. is hoping …

    Published on 9/29/2003
  • Yin vs. yang in cancer

    PI3 kinase (PI3k) and PTEN phosphatase are intracellular signaling molecules that are critical for many cellular functions important …

    Published on 9/8/2003
  • Nucleonics goes long in RNAi

    Technology Briefing Nucleonics goes long in RNAi RNAi is a hot concept, but hurdles to producing viable clinical candidates include stability, specificity and inflammation. Nucleonics Inc. plans to sidestep many of …

    Published on 8/25/2003
  • Rinat: Skirting the BBB problem

    Technology Briefing Rinat: Skirting the BBB problem Using antibodies to address neurological conditions is rare, given the challenge of delivering large protein molecules across the blood brain barrier. Rinat …

    Published on 8/25/2003
  • Anadys has A-site in mind

    Technology Briefing Anadys has A-site in mind Having recently moved into preclinical development with leads from its Ribosome A-site program, Anadys Pharmaceuticals Inc. is on the verge of validating its RNA …

    Published on 8/4/2003
  • Karo Bio's selective thyromimetics

    Karo Bio's selective thyromimetics Thyroid hormone receptors regulate both body weight and cholesterol levels, but nonselective stimulation of TRs can have deleterious effects, particularly in the heart. As a result,…

    Published on 8/4/2003
  • Avidex: T cells to therapeutics

    Avidex: T cells to therapeutics Similar to companies trying to use soluble forms of antigen-specific B cell receptors - a.k.a. antibodies - as therapeutics, Avidex Ltd. is trying to employ the T cell receptor as a …

    Published on 7/21/2003
  • Roche finds active glucose control

    Technology Briefing Roche finds active glucose control A primary driver in the search for new pharmacological targets for diabetes is the goal of providing patients with better control over their glucose levels. …

    Published on 7/21/2003
  • Biovation's DeImmunization

    Technology Briefing Biovation's DeImmunization Immunogenicity reduces efficacy of therapeutic proteins and has made it difficult to develop such molecules. Biovation Ltd. says its DeImmunization technology, which …

    Published on 7/14/2003
  • Fresh angle on apoptosis

    Technology Briefing Fresh angle on apoptosis A number of companies are attempting to manipulate the process of cell death at various points along the pathway that includes Bcl-2 and caspases. But Sunesis …

    Published on 7/14/2003
  • BAFFling autoimmune disease

    Technology Briefing BAFFling autoimmune disease In deciding to partner development of its BR3 protein, Biogen Inc. is extending its strategy of using partnerships to accelerate internal projects. While BGEN's cancer…

    Published on 6/23/2003
  • Genentech hedge(hog)s its bets

    Technology Briefing Genentech hedge(hog)s its bets When Biogen Inc. ended its deal with Curis Inc. to discover and commercialize proteins of the hedgehog gene family in neurological indications, BGEN cited its …

    Published on 6/23/2003

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