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As published for the week of Monday, August 24, 2015

  • Cover Story: Versant bites at the apple

    Why Versant selected New York City as newest investment hub

    By Steve Edelson, Senior Editor

    Versant Ventures was to announce on Monday this week that it has selected New York City as the newest leg of its geographic strategy. The firm expects the region will fit the mold of its prior two expansions from the West Coast — significant grant money going to top-tier academic research coupled with a dearth of venture activity.

    The New York effort is just getting under way, but the firm's track record suggests it shouldn't take long before investing will be in full swing. The firm became one of the most active U.S.-based biotech VCs in Europe within two years of opening an office in the region and is looking to repeat the feat in Canada.

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Money Raised in 2015

Last week, the biotech industry raised $462 million, bringing to $75.5 billion the total raised year-to-date. In 2014, a total of $54.9 billion was raised, including $21.5 billion in debt, $11.1 billion in follow-ons, $4 billion in PIPEs and other equity, $9.1 billion in IPOs, and $9.2 billion in venture capital. Totals include overallotments and warrants, and are rounded to the nearest millions.

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