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As published for the week of Monday, February 01, 2016

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    Lessons from Amgen and Novartis U.S. risk-sharing reimbursement deals

    By Erin McCallister, Senior Editor

    The first handful of outcomes-based deals notched by Amgen Inc. and Novartis AG for new drugs in the U.S. provide early lessons for companies thinking about testing similar pricing models. The first is that companies should expect different insurers and PBMs to want to track different endpoints depending on their business goals.

    The second is that real risk-sharing deals — in which drug manufacturers not only pay for suboptimal drug performance, but also share in the upside of better-than-expected performance — are not attractive to some payers at current drug pricing levels.

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Money Raised in 2016

Last week, the biotech industry raised $801 million, bringing to $3.8 billion the total raised year-to-date. In 2015, a total of $110.3 billion was raised, including $56.6 billion in debt, $29.7 billion in follow-ons, $3.7 billion in PIPEs and other equity, $8 billion in IPOs, and $12.3 billion in venture capital. Totals include overallotments and warrants, and are rounded to the nearest millions.

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