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View Columns: Formatting Reports
There are several different column views to choose from above every table displayed in the Company Analyst, Pipeline Analyst and the Financings, Earnings and Stocks tables in the Financial Analyst. To see which columns are in each view for the different modules, you can click on Tools on the top tool bar. The My BioCentury Tools window will pop up and you can click on BCIQ Column Preferences on the tool bar to view or modify columns.
  • 1Basic View
    The Basic View is the default view that will load whenever the Display Table button is clicked. You can make the Customized column the default by clicking the Custom is default preference checkbox, and then clicking Save.
  • 3Expanded
    The Expanded View contains columns specific to that module as well as company information.
  • 2Custom (Change Preferences)
    As a new user, the only column that is in your custom list of columns is "Company Name". You can add more columns if you wish. To do so:
    • Place a check mark in the columns that you wish to have in your table view. The columns will appear in the table in the order that they are selected.
    • To change the column order, highlight that column in the box to the right of the column table and use the up and down arrows to the right of the box to move that column to the place you would like it to appear in the table.
    • Optionally if you would like these columns to be your default setting and always load when you click on Display Table, click the Custom is default preference checkbox.
    • Click save when you're done.