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Stocks - Tables
  • 1 Select an individual company, use an existing list, or create a custom list
    • To view a single company, click on Company Name and enter the name in the text box. You can alternatively enter the stock ticker symbol or company name abbreviation instead. Click  Display Table to view all the selected company's stock data.
    • To view data for an existing list, click on All Companies, and then choose the list from the drop-down list box. Click  Display Table to view all the stock data for the companies on the selected list.
    • To create a custom list of companies or a custom list of stock data by date, select  All Companies or an existing list from the drop-down list box and then use the filters under Filter Companies By and Display Data By.
  • 2Select saved criteria (Optional)
    • To load previously saved criteria, choose a saved list from the drop-down box. The saved criteria will then load next to the appropriate filter. Click  Display Table to view all the stock data for the selected companies and criteria.
  • 3Filter Companies By
    Click on the filter name and make your selections when the options are displayed on the right.
    • Example: click on Region and check the box next to Europe to filter for companies that are based in Europe.
    • Example: click on Price and Volume and specify the date range Start date 01/01/2008 and End date 01/31/2008, then specify a Stock Price Change of At Least (>=) -10% to indicate a stock price decrease of more than 10%.
  • 4Display Reports By
    Data are displayed one record per company for the date range specified.
    • Example: to see all stock price and volume changes between a certain date range, click on Stocks Dates and enter Start date 02/01/2008 End date 02/29/2008.
    Filters are additive. If you selected Region: Europe, Price and Volume: stock price change of At least (>=) -10% between 01/01/2008 and 01/31/2008, your results will show stock and volume changes between Start date 02/01/2008 End date 02/29/2008 for only European companies that had at least a -10% stock price change in that period.
  • 5View and format your results
    Display your table by clicking  Display Table. When the table displays, click on a company name to view its profile.