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Pipeline - Tables
  • 1 Select an individual company, use an existing list, or create a custom list
    • To view a single company, click on Company Name and enter the name in the text box. You can alternatively enter the stock ticker symbol or company name abbreviation instead. Click  Display Table to view the selected company's pipeline.
    • To view data for an existing list, click on All Companies, and then choose the list from the drop-down list box. Click  Display Table to view all the pipelines for the companies on the selected list.
    • To create a custom list of companies or a custom list of products by indication, select  All Companies or an existing list from the drop-down list box and then use the filters under Filter Companies By and Filter Products By.
  • 2Select saved criteria (Optional)
    • To load previously saved criteria, choose a saved list from the drop-down box. The saved criteria will then load next to the appropriate filter. Click  Display Table to view all the products/indications for the selected companies and criteria.
  • 3Select Show Products/Indications
    Show Product is only activated when All Companies is NOT selected under Company Lists . Once Show Product is activated, the default setting is to show all products including originated, out-licensed and in-licensed.
    • To change the selection, click on Show Product and select the radio button next to Show products where the company in-licensed the product, or else Show products where the company originated or out-licensed the product.
    Note: When in-licensed products are chosen, the company that originated and out-licensed that product will appear in the first column. The company that in-licensed the product will appear in the partner column.
  • 4Filter Companies By
    Click on the filter name and make your selections when the options are displayed on the right.
    • Example: click on Region and check the box next to Europe to filter for companies that are based in Europe.
  • 5Filter Products By
    • To look up a specific product click Product Name, enter the product name or compound number into the text box, and press Search.
    • To find products that do not meet a specific disease criterion or target a specific molecular target, you can enter a search term or terms in the Product Description field (example: vaccine, stem cell)
    • To find all products with a specific molecular target, click on Molecular Target, enter the specific molecular target into the text box, and press Search.
    • To find all products with a specific mechanism of action, click on Mechanism of Action, enter the specific mechanism of action into the text box, and press Search.
    • To find all products with a specific therapeutic modality, click on Therapeutic Modality and then check the boxes next to the desired therapeutic modalities.
  • 6Display Indications By
    Data are displayed one record per product per indication. These filters are on the indication level.
    • Example: to see compounds in Phase III trials to treat multiple sclerosis, click on Disease Category, then click the chevron next to Autoimmune and check the box next to multiple sclerosis (MS). After that click on  Phase of Development and check the box next to Phase III.
    Filters are additive. If you selected Region: Europe, Disease Category: Multiple sclerosis (MS), Phase of Development: Phase III, your results will show only European companies that have a product in Phase III trials for multiple sclerosis (MS).
  • 7View and format your results
    Display your table by clicking  Display Table. When the table displays, click on a company name to view its profile.
  • 2Set Email Alert (Optional)
    After you display your results you can set an email alert to inform to inform you when a product becomes part of the group or drops out of the group because it no longer meets your criteria. Click on above your displayed results.