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  • 1Select a single equity investor or choose all investors
    • To view a single investor, Select  Enter an Investor Name and enter the name or part of the name in the text box. Click  Display Table to view all the selected investor's reported investments
    • Choosing Select All Investors reports financings by all investors that meet the criteria you choose (see below)
  • 2Filter Companies By
    Select criteria to limit the data reported on one equity investor, or build a peer group of investors.
    • Example: Select  Region and check the box next to France to view investments in companies based in France.
  • 3Sort Report Information By: Investor position
    • Choosing Any shows all investors in financings that meet the criteria you have chosen.
    • Choosing 1st Place shows only investors who led financings that meet the criteria chosen, based on the order in which investors were listed in the press release that announced the financing. Choosing 1st or 2nd Place shows the two lead investors.
  • 4View and format your results
    Click  Display Table to display the table. After displaying the table, you may
    • Click on an investor name to view all the companies in that investor's portfolio (not just those that meet the criteria you selected) and/or to save the list for use in other Analyst Modules
    • Click on the number of financings to view only the financings in the investment portfolio that meet your search criteria
    After displaying the financings, you can click on the company name to view hyper linked Financings and Pipeline summaries for that company. Click on either of these links for direct, immediate access to the data contained in the Financings and Pipeline Analyst Modules.

    There is also a News summary that links directly to all the company-related articles in the BioCentury Archives. For example, if the company is involved in any partnering or M&A deals, clicking on the All Company News link in the archives section shows all of the archived items that describe the company's deals.