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Throughout both BCIQ and the BioCentury Archives there are several icons used to make tasks easier.

The following examples show how to perform complex searches that BCIQ customers have found useful.
  • This icon can be found to the right of the Company list drop-down box. When a company list is selected in the drop-down box, you can click on this icon and a pop-up window will appear that displays the companies on the selected list. In this pop-up window, you can modify or delete the list.
  • This icon appears in many different filters. If you click on this icon it will automatically place a check mark in the boxes next to all of the selections listed under the icon. Click on the empty icon to remove all the check marks from the selections below the icon.
  • This icon can be found in the right hand corner of the company profile, the right hand corner when a chart is displayed and the right hand corner when a table is displayed. When you click on this icon the screen will expand and the upper and left toolbars will not be displayed. To get the upper and left toolbars back, just click on the icon .
  • To Show To Hide. These icons appear under several column headers in certain tables. Click on to display hidden text in a column where the text can be quite long. Click on to hide the text in that column.
  • This icon appears in the top right corner of the grey left hand tool bar that contains all the filters. You can click on these double arrows to shrink the left hand tool bar and expand the area where your table or chart is displayed.