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Financings - Tables
  • 1 Select an individual company, use an existing list, or create a custom list
    • To view a single company, click on Company Name and enter the name in the text box. Click Display Table to view all the selected company’s financings.
    • To view data for an existing list, click on All Companies, and then choose the list from the drop-down list box. Click  Display Table to view all the financings for the companies on the selected list.
    • To create a custom list of companies or a custom list of products by indication, select  All Companies or an existing list from the drop-down list box and then use the filters under Filter Companies By and Display Financings By .
  • 2Select saved criteria (Optional)
    • To load previously saved criteria, choose a saved list from the drop-down box. The saved criteria will then load next to the appropriate filter. Click  Display Table to view all the financings for the selected companies and criteria.
  • 3Filter Companies By
    Click on the filter name and make your selections when the options are displayed on the right.
    • Example: select  Region and check the box next to Europe to filter for companies that are based in Europe.
  • 4Display Financings By
    For the companies you have on your selected or custom list, filter for the financings you would like to display.
    • Example: select  Financing Type and check the box next to series A round to get a list of all companies that raised an A round.
    Filters are additive. If you selected Region: Europe, Financing Type: A round, and Financing Date: 2004, your results will show only European companies that raised an A round in 2004.
  • 5View and format your results
    Display your table by clicking  Display Table. When the table displays, click on a company name to view its profile.
  • 6Set Email Alert (Optional)
    After you display your results you can set an email alert to inform you whenever a company in your defined peer group completes a new financing. Click on Set Email Alert above your displayed results.