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Example of a Complex Search
One of BCIQ's most useful features is its powerful search and list-building capability that can be saved and reused from session to session. You can build a peer group list of companies in any module and then use that list in any other module. This allows you to use the results of a search in one module as the basis for a search in another module.

The following example shows how to perform a complex search that BCIQ customers have found useful.
  •   Identify un-partnered arthritis products in development for NASDAQ-listed companies in the U.S. that went public in 2004
    • In the Financing Module, click on All Companies
    • Select  Regions. Check the box next to U.S. Click Add.
    • Select  Financing Type. Check the box next to IPO. Click Add.
    • Select  Financing Date. Check the box next to 2004. Click Add.
    • Click Display Table. A table of NASDAQ-listed U.S. companies that went public in 2004 appears.
    • Review all companies and financings in the table to make sure you want this list of companies. If one company does not meet your requirements you can unselect that company and it will not end up in your list of companies when you save the list.
    • Select  Save Company List and enter a name for the list in the dialog box. Click Add.
    • Go to the Pipeline Analyst module, click on All Companies and then select the list you just saved that will appear in the drop-down box.
    • Select  Disease Category. Enter Arthritis in the Search text box. Click Search. Select Arthritis from the list that appears. Click Add to Selection and click Add.
    • Select  Licensed/Unlicensed. Check the box next to All unpartnered products. Click Add.
    • Click Display Table. The list of companies and their financings will be displayed.