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Column Preferences
  • 1View and Modify Column Preferences
    • Select the module where you would like to change the column preferences and the columns available for that module will appear below. The check marks indicate the columns that load when the Basic or Expanded view above the table is selected.
  • 2Create Custom Column Preferences
    Customized (Set Preferences)
    As a new user, the only column that is in your custom list of columns is "Company Name".

    To add more columns:
    • Place a check mark in the columns that you wish to have in your table view. The columns will appear in the table in the order that they are selected.
    • To change the column order, highlight a column in the box to the right of the column table and use the up and down arrows to the right of the box to move that column to the place you would like it to appear in the table.
    • Click save and apply, the custom view you have just selected will load.
    • If you would like these columns to be your default setting and always load when you click on Display Table, click the Custom is default preference checkbox.
    • To sort columns, highlight that column in the box to the right of the column table and use the Sort Order and Sort Type selections above.
    • Click on Sort Order and select the order you want that column sorted by. For example, if you select secondary, the table will sort by that column after the primary column is sorted.
    • Click on Sort Type to select if you would like your columns sorted in ascending or descending order.