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  • Affimed management update

    Affimed N.V. (NASDAQ:AFMD), Heidelberg, Germany Business: Cancer, Inflammation, Antibodies Hired: Martin Treder as CSO, formerly CSO of CT Atlantic AG; he succeeds Eugene Zhukovsky

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • AiCuris management update

    AiCuris GmbH & Co. KG, Wuppertal, Germany Business: Infectious Transitioning: Helga Ruebsamen-Schaeff to chairman from CEO, effective March 1; she will be succeeded by CSO Holger Zimmermann

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • AtriCure management update

    AtriCure Inc. (NASDAQ:ATRC), West Chester, Ohio Business: Cardiovascular Promoted: Andy Wade to SVP from VP, while remaining CFO Transitioned: Douglas Seith to COO from SVP of S&M

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Bionor Pharma management update

    Bionor Pharma ASA (OSE:BIONOR), Oslo, Norway Business: Infectious, Nutraceuticals Hired: David Solomon as president and CEO, formerly president and CEO of Zealand Pharma A/S; he succeeds CEO Anker Lundemose

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Bristol-Myers management update

    Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY), New York, N.Y. Business: Pharmaceuticals Transitioning: Giovanni Caforio to CEO, effective May 5, from COO; he succeeds Lamberto Andreotti, who will become executive chairman; …

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • ContraVir Pharmaceuticals management update

    ContraVir Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCBB:CTRV), New York, N.Y. Business: Infectious Hired: John Sullivan-Bolyai as CMO, formerly executive director of infectious disease clinical research at Merck & Co. Inc.

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Getinge management update

    Getinge AB (SSE:GETI B), Getinge, Sweden Business: Infectious, Supply/Service Hired: Alex Myers as president and CEO, effective March 25, formerly president and CEO of Hilding Anders AB; he succeeds Johan Malmquist

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Immune Pharmaceuticals management update

    Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:IMNP; SSE:IMNP), Tarrytown, N.Y. Business: Cancer, Neurology, Autoimmune Transitioned: Gad Berdugo to EVP and CFO from a director

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Immune Therapeutics management update

    Immune Therapeutics Inc. (OTCBB:IMUN), Orlando, Fla. Business: Cancer, Infectious, Autoimmune Hired: Seth Elliott as president and COO, currently chief strategy officer of Engagement Media Technologies; he succeeds COO …

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Immunocore management update

    Immunocore Ltd., Abingdon, U.K. Business: Cancer, Infectious Hired: Eliot Forster as CEO, formerly CEO of Creabilis S.A.; he succeeds James Noble, who remains a director

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Manhattan Scientifics management update

    Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (OTCQB:MHTX), New York, N.Y. Business: Diagnostic Hired: Robert Proulx as president and COO of Manhattans Senior Scientific LLC subsidiary, formerly chief commercial officer and general …

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • MannKind management update

    MannKind Corp. (NASDAQ:MNKD), Valencia, Calif. Business: Endocrine/Metabolic, Cancer Resigned: Alfred Mann as CEO, while remaining chairman; he is succeeded by President Hakan Edstrom, who resigned as COO Transitioned: …

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Medivir management update

    Medivir AB (SSE:MVIR B), Huddinge, Sweden Business: Infectious, Autoimmune, Musculoskeletal Hired: Ola Burmark as CFO

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Menarini management update

    Menarini Group, Florence, Italy Business: Pharmaceuticals Departing: Andrew Slade as president

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Onconova Therapeutics management update

    Onconova Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:ONTX), Newton, Pa. Business: Cancer Hired: Steven Fruchtman as SVP of R&D and CMO, formerly CMO of Syndax Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • PaxVax management update

    PaxVax Inc., Redwood City, Calif. Business: Infectious, Drug delivery Transitioned: Nima Farzan to president and a director, while remaining COO

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Principia Biopharma management update

    Principia Biopharma Inc., South San Francisco, Calif. Business: Cancer, Autoimmune Hired: Roy Hardiman as CBO, a newly created position, formerly VP of alliance management at Roches Genentech Inc. unit

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • RegenxBio board of directors update

    RegenxBio Inc., Washington, D.C. Business: Gene/Cell therapy Appointed: Michael Gelman; and Camille Samuels, partner at Venrock

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Repligen management update

    Repligen Corp. (NASDAQ:RGEN), Waltham, Mass. Business: Biomanufacturing, Supply/Service Retiring: Walter Herlihy as president and CEO, effective May 21; he is succeeded as CEO by COO Tony Hunt

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Seres Health management update

    Seres Health Inc., Cambridge, Mass. Business: Endocrine/Metabolic, Inflammation, Infectious Hired: Shelley Trucksis as EVP and CMO, formerly executive director of Merck & Co. Inc.s Merck Research Labs

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Taxus Cardium board of directors update

    Taxus Cardium Pharmaceuticals Group Inc. (OTCQB:CRXM), San Diego, Calif. Business: Cardiovascular Appointed: John Wallace, president of Philadelphia Financial Services LLC; and Jiayue Zhang, president and chairman of …

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • UCB management update

    UCB Group (Euronext:UCB), Brussels, Belgium Business: Neurology, Autoimmune, Inflammation Transitioned: Jean-Christophe Tellier to CEO from EVP of biopharma brands and solutions, while remaining a director; he succeeds …

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Unum Therapeutics management update

    Unum Therapeutics Inc., Cambridge, Mass. Business: Cancer Hired: Christiana Stamoulis as head of corporate development and CFO, formerly SVP and head of corporate strategy and business development at Vertex …

    Published on 1/26/2015
  • Albany Molecular Research management update

    Albany Molecular Research Inc. (NASDAQ:AMRI), Albany, N.Y. Business: Supply/Service, Chemistry Departing: Michael Nolan as SVP and CFO, effective February; he is succeeded by Felicia Ladin, formerly SVP and CFO of …

    Published on 1/19/2015
  • Anthera management update

    Anthera Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ANTH), Hayward, Calif. Business: Autoimmune, Cardiovascular Hired: Klara Dickinson as SVP and chief regulatory officer, formerly SVP of regulatory affairs and compliance at Hyperion …

    Published on 1/19/2015

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