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  • ADAP NY-ESO TCR: Additional Phase I/II data

    Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc (NASDAQ:ADAP), Abingdon, U.K. Product: ADAP NY-ESO TCR (formerly Enhanced TCR therapy targeting NY-ESO-1) Business: Cancer Molecular target: Cancer/testis antigen 1B (CTAG1B) (NY-ESO-1) …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Bempedoic acid: Phase II data

    Esperion Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:ESPR), Ann Arbor, Mich. Product: Bempedoic acid (ETC-1002) Business: Endocrine/Metabolic Molecular target: AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK); ATP citrate lyase (ACLY) Description: …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Bioabsorbable Cardiac Matrix: Phase II data

    Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:BLPH), Hampton, N.J. BioLineRx Ltd. (Tel Aviv:BLRX; NASDAQ:BLRX), Jerusalem, Israel Product: Bioabsorbable Cardiac Matrix (BCM) device (BL-1040, IK-5001) Business: Cardiovascular …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Blincyto blinatumomab: Phase II data

    Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ:AMGN), Thousand Oaks, Calif. Astellas Pharma Inc. (Tokyo:4503), Tokyo, Japan Product: Blincyto blinatumomab (AMG 103) (formerly MT103) Business: Cancer Molecular target: CD19 Description: Bispecific T…

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • BMS-955176: Additional Phase IIa data

    Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY), New York, N.Y. Product: BMS-955176 Business: Infectious Molecular target: NA Description: Second generation HIV-1 maturation inhibitor Indication: Treat HIV-1 infection Endpoint: …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • BTL-TML-HSV: Phase I/II data

    Beech Tree Labs Inc., Providence, R.I. Product: BTL-TML-HSV Business: Infectious Molecular target: NA Description: Undisclosed small molecule containing a low concentration of thimerosal, a mercury-containing organic …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Cerenis HDL: Phase II data

    Cerenis Therapeutics S.A. (Euronext:CEREN), Labege, France Product: Cerenis HDL (CER-001) Business: Cardiovascular Molecular target: Apolipoprotein A-1 (APOA1) Description: Complex of recombinant apolipoprotein A-1 (…

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Cresemba isavuconazonium: Phase III data

    Basilea Pharmaceutica AG (SIX:BSLN), Basel, Switzerland Astellas Pharma Inc. (Tokyo:4503), Tokyo, Japan Product: Cresemba isavuconazonium (isavuconazole) (BAL8557) Business: Infectious Molecular target: 14 alpha-sterol …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • DEZ-001: Phase IIb data

    Dezima Pharma B.V., Naarden, the Netherlands Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp. (Tokyo:4508), Osaka, Japan Product: DEZ-001, TA-8995 Business: Endocrine/Metabolic Molecular target: Cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • DT01: Phase I data

    DNA Therapeutics S.A., Evry, France Product: DT01 Business: Cancer Molecular target: NA Description: Double-stranded DNA oligonucleotide conjugated to cholesterol Indication: Treat metastatic melanoma Endpoint: Safety; …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Dupilumab: Additional Phase IIb data

    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:REGN), Tarrytown, N.Y. Sanofi (Euronext:SAN; NYSE:SNY), Paris, France Product: Dupilumab (REGN668, SAR231893) Business: Inflammation Molecular target: Interleukin-4 (IL-4) receptor…

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • EBOV GP vaccine: Phase I data

    Novavax Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX), Gaithersburg, Md. Product: EBOV GP vaccine, Ebola GP Vaccine Business: Infectious Molecular target: NA Description: Recombinant glycoprotein nanoparticle vaccine based on the cluster 3 gene …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Elotuzumab: Phase II data

    AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV), Chicago, Ill. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY), New York, N.Y. Product: Elotuzumab (HuLuc63, BMS-901608) (formerly PDL 063) Business: Cancer Molecular target: SLAM family member 7 (SLAMF7) (…

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Epratuzumab: Phase III data

    Immunomedics Inc. (NASDAQ:IMMU), Morris Plains, N.J. UCB Group (Euronext:UCB), Brussels, Belgium Product: Epratuzumab (IMMU-103) Business: Autoimmune Molecular target: CD22 Description: Humanized mAb targeting CD22 …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • ErepoXen: Phase II data

    SynBio LLC, Moscow, Russia Xenetic Biosciences Inc. (OTCBB:XBIO), Lexington, Mass. Serum Institute of India Ltd., Pune, India Product: ErepoXen Business: Hematology Molecular target: Erythropoietin (EPO) receptor …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Fexapotide triflutate: Extension study data

    Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp. (NASDAQ:NYMX), Saint-Laurent, Quebec Recordati S.p.A. (Milan:REC), Milan, Italy Product: Fexapotide triflutate (REC 0482, NX-1207) Business: Genitourinary Molecular target: Undisclosed …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Filgotinib: Phase IIb final data

    Galapagos N.V. (Euronext:GLPG; NASDAQ:GLPG), Mechelen, Belgium AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV), Chicago, Ill. Product: Filgotinib (GLPG0634) Business: Autoimmune Molecular target: Janus kinase-1 (JAK-1) Description: Janus …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Imbruvica ibrutinib: Additional Phase Ib/II data

    AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV), Chicago, Ill. Product: Imbruvica ibrutinib (PCI-32765) Business: Transplant Molecular target: Brutons tyrosine kinase (Btk) Description: Brutons tyrosine kinase (Btk) inhibitor that covalently …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Intranasal oxytocin: Phase I data

    OptiNose Inc., Yardley, Pa. Product: Intranasal oxytocin (OPN-300) Business: Neurology Molecular target: NA Description: Intranasal oxytocin delivered using the OptiNose bidirectional nasal delivery device Indication: …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • JNJ56021927: Interim Phase Ib data

    Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ), New Brunswick, N.J. Product: JNJ56021927, ARN-509 Business: Cancer Molecular target: Androgen receptor Description: Second-generation androgen receptor antagonist Indication: Treat …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Ladostigil: Interim Phase IIb data

    Avraham Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Yavneh, Israel Product: Ladostigil Business: Neurology Molecular target: Monoamine oxidase (MAO) Description: Cholinesterase, brain-selective monoamine oxidase inhibitor and neuroprotective…

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • LixiLan: Phase III data

    Zealand Pharma A/S (CSE:ZEAL), Glostrup, Denmark Sanofi (Euronext:SAN; NYSE:SNY), Paris, France Product: LixiLan, Lixisenatide/ZP10+Lantus Business: Endocrine/Metabolic Molecular target: Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor…

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • LymPro Test: Pilot trial data

    Amarantus BioScience Holdings Inc. (OTCQX:AMBS), San Francisco, Calif. Memory Dx LLC, Phoenix, Ariz. Product: LymPro Test Business: Diagnostic Molecular target: Not applicable Description: Measure CD69 presentations at …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • MD1003: Additional Phase III data

    Medday S.A.S., Paris, France Product: MD1003 Business: Autoimmune Molecular target: NA Description: Concentrated formulation of D-biotin that targets a rate-limiting enzyme in myelination Indication: Treat primary …

    Published on 8/3/2015
  • Multimeric-001 Universal Flu Vaccine: Preliminary Phase II data

    BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Tel Aviv:BVXV; NASDAQ:BVXV), Ness Ziona, Israel Product: Multimeric-001 Universal Flu Vaccine (M-001) (formerly BVX-M001) Business: Infectious Molecular target: NA Description: Vaccine …

    Published on 8/3/2015

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