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  • Table 1: Innovation Fund award recipients

    Translational Notes: Partnering in pediatrics Table 1. Innovation Fund award recipients. The Innovation Fund is managed by Cincinnati Children's Center for Technology Commercialization. Source: Cincinnati Children's…

    Published on 7/17/2014
  • Partnering in pediatrics

    Rare pediatric diseases are getting a boost from Alexion Pharmaceuticals, who recently announced a research collaboration with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

    Published on 7/17/2014
  • Translational tidbits

    Autism Speaks and Google partner on the world's largest collection of autism-related whole-genome sequence data; UCSF launches a project under the BRAIN initiative; a roundup of public-private partnerships.

    Published on 6/19/2014
  • Table 1: Selected public-private partnerships for May 2014

    Translational Notes: Translational tidbits Table 1. Selected public-private partnerships for May 2014. Last month, the University of California, San Francisco launched a project to identify brain signaling pathways …

    Published on 6/19/2014
  • CQDM: Canada on the brain

    The Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery and Brain Canada have announced at least C$10 million (US$9.2 million) in funding for a new program to develop tools for pharma partners to accelerate the discovery of …

    Published on 6/12/2014
  • Table 1: Daiichi Sankyo's cardiovascular and endocrine/metabolic disease pipelines

    Translational Notes: Sanford-Burnham goes fourth Table 1. Daiichi Sankyo's cardiovascular and endocrine/metabolic disease pipelines. The therapies that Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4568) has in its pipelines to …

    Published on 6/5/2014
  • Go west, FDA

    The FDA's first two centers for regulatory sciences were focused on modernizing methods and building bridges to academia. The agency now is at earlier drug development and has partnered with Stanford and UCSF to create …

    Published on 6/5/2014
  • Sanford-Burnham goes fourth

    The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute has been seeking broader industrial partnerships that tap both its basic research and drug discovery expertise. Its new deal with Daiichi is the most expansive of its four …

    Published on 6/5/2014
  • Figure 1: Slow to venture in New York

    Translational Notes: New York's biotech beginnings Figure 1. Slow to venture in New York. (I) Venture financing in U.S. biotech hubs, 2010-2014. Sum of amount raised in disclosed venture financing in select U.S. …

    Published on 5/29/2014
  • Table 1: Boosting translation in New York academia

    Translational Notes: New York's biotech beginnings Table 1. Boosting translation in New York academia. Select public-private partnerships (PPPs) and charitable donations involving New York City-based organizations …

    Published on 5/29/2014
  • A conversation with Aled Edwards

    As the Structural Genomics Consortium enters its second decade, SciBX spoke with Aled Edwards about how the open-access business model has evolved globally and the organization's plans to engage clinician scientists and…

    Published on 5/29/2014
  • New York's biotech beginnings

    New York has long been a producer of top science but has struggled to retain and develop its own innovations. Now, with a flurry of activities aiming to establish it as a biotech hub, New York's next task is to persuade…

    Published on 5/29/2014
  • Antibiotic team building

    NIAID has awarded a 5-year, $26 million grant for antibiotic development that brings together researchers from Rutgers University, Rockefeller University and Cubist. The goal is to take discovery-stage programs through …

    Published on 5/22/2014
  • Translational tidbits

    Berg taps into tissue banks; somatic cell nuclear transfer may be catching up to iPS cell technology; a roundup of public-private partnerships.

    Published on 5/22/2014
  • Table 1: Selected public-private partnerships for April 2014

    Translational Notes: Translational tidbits Table 1. Selected public-private partnerships for April 2014. In April, two new consortia-PDE4NPD and SYMPATH-received a total of about €13.8 million ($19 million) from the …

    Published on 5/22/2014
  • Temple building

    Temple University has teamed up with MorphoSys to bring industry-quality antibody discovery capabilities in-house. The partnership complements the university's medicinal chemistry expertise while expanding the company's…

    Published on 5/8/2014
  • Scripps looks outward

    The Scripps Research Institute has formed a separate corporation called Scripps Advance that will house assets and IP related to discrete early stage research projects. Johnson & Johnson's California Innovation Center …

    Published on 5/1/2014
  • Stem cell disarray

    The NIH is rethinking its strategy for translating stem cell therapies. Stakeholders hope the message will be that the NIH should focus less on drug development and more on standardizing procedures and protocols.

    Published on 5/1/2014
  • Table 1: Clinical bromodomains

    Translational Notes: Expanding into new (bromo)domains Table 1. Clinical bromodomains. At least six companies have compounds that inhibit bromodomains, including the bromodomain containing 2 (BRD2), BRD3 and BRD4 …

    Published on 4/17/2014
  • Expanding into new (bromo)domains

    The Neomed Institute has begun development of its first cancer therapeutic, a BRD4 inhibitor from Epigenetix that the not-for-profit organization thinks could have a selectivity advantage over competing molecules.

    Published on 4/17/2014
  • Translational tidbits

    AstraZeneca had a busy March, announcing five new public-private partnerships and launching its Open Innovation website to list additional partnership opportunities.

    Published on 4/17/2014
  • Table 1: Selected public-private partnerships for March 2014

    Translational Notes: Translational tidbits Table 1. Selected public-private partnerships for March 2014. AstraZeneca plc (LSE:AZN; NYSE:AZN) had a busy March. The pharma is embarking on a broad, five-year screening …

    Published on 4/17/2014
  • Bridging the German gap

    Evotec has purchased Bionamics to gain access to a collection of autoimmune assets sourced from German universities. The move is the latest in a series of steps taken by Evotec to complement its fee-for-service …

    Published on 4/3/2014
  • Explaining the exceptions

    The identification of activating mutations in mTOR that explain an exceptional response in a patient with bladder cancer is the latest example of mechanistic insights that can be gleaned from analyzing exceptional …

    Published on 3/27/2014
  • Teaching translation

    Although public-private partnerships and tech transfer offices provide paths for commercializing academic discoveries, many ideas languish because researchers lack the experience to navigate translation. Several …

    Published on 3/27/2014

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