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As published Thursday, October 30, 2014

  • Cover Story: Redistributing BRD4 in inflammation

    By Kai-Jye Lou, Senior Writer

    Redistributing BRD4 in inflammation

    New clues to how inflammation leads to atherosclerosis from a group at Harvard Medical School point to a pivotal role for chromosomal redistribution of BRD4-a BET bromodomain protein involved in chromatin remodeling.1 The data provide insight to the mechanism of BRD4 inhibitors in the clinic for atherosclerosis, but whether the compounds offer advantages over the standard of care still needs to be tested.

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    Preventing bone loss and consequent bone fractures with WNT16B therapy; enhancing brain levels of progranulin to treat AD; promoting repair of infection- or ischemia-induced tissue damage with compounds derived from human milk; and more...

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  • This Week in Techniques

    Aptamer-mediated detection of monosaccharides and other low-epitope molecules to aid diagnostics development; transgenic Cas9 mice with CRIPSR-edited genomes as models of cancer; insulin-producing cells generated from human pluripotent cells to treat type 1 diabetes; and more...

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