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BioCentury: Biopharma's Knowledge Center

BioCentury is the essential source of intelligence for a global audience of biotech and pharmaceutical company professionals, investors, researchers, service providers and industry stakeholders who demand deep industry knowledge, data-driven analysis, independent perspective and a commitment to accuracy. Our insight, trusted reporting and in-depth analysis are built on independent, objective surveillance of the biotechnology sector, producing the industry's most respected journals and data solution resources, since 1993.

BioCentury Publications             BCIQ and Archives


BioCentury's weekly flagship publication provides analysis, interpretation and commentary on biopharma industry corporate performance, product discovery and development, emerging companies and technology, public policy, regulatory events and innovation and financial markets.
Delivered on Sundays to your email and posted to on Mondays

Your subscription includes these special BioCentury editions every year:
The "Buyside View" every January
The "Iceberg Annual Report on European Biotech" every May
The "Back to School Issue" every September
The "Quarterly Stock Review" at the end of the second quarter and year-end.
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BioCentury Publications
A subscription to BioCentury also includes these valuable companion publications:
BioCentury Week in Review
Provides a weekly compendium of biopharma deals, clinical and regulatory events, and financial transactions.
Delivered on Sundays to your email in a PDF and posted to on Mondays
BioCentury Extra
Published every business day to be viewed on mobile devices or online, providing busy executives and investors with a concise report of key industry news events that are selected for importance by BioCentury's experienced editors.
Delivered via email in HTML and posted on at the end of each business day
BioCentury Quarterly Stock Roundup
Tracks more than 600 public biotech companies in the U.S., Europe, Canada and the Asia-Pacific region. This data-rich compilation records the performance of 43 industry subgroups, the BioCentury 100 Index and other benchmark indices and each quarter's fundraising activity.
Delivered via PDF to your email and posted at at the end of each quarter

BioCentury Innovations
BioCentury Innovations (formerly SciBX) identifies commercially promising translational science and assesses the next steps required to develop the technology. Every week, BioCentury's business and science editors analyze life science research published around the globe to provide the Innovations audience in R&D, business development, academia and the venture capital community with an early lead on fresh science with investment potential.
Delivered to your email
and posted to on Thursdays

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Subscribers have the opportunity to expand research capabilities by adding a subscription to:

BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence
The industry's premiere biopharma-dedicated research resource derived from the proprietary articles, in-depth analysis, commentaries and strategy reports by BioCentury over 20 years. Comprising three relational databases — company, financial and pipeline "analysts" — with specially designed management tools for generating custom reports, tables and graphs. Lets you add decision-shaping analysis to every search.
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BioCentury Archives
Online access to a searchable archive of more than 180,000 BioCentury articles, charts and tables — including all of BioCentury's analysis, strategy and commentary from more than 19 years of industry reporting — an essential research complement.
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BioCentury Innovations Archives

An essential research companion to BioCentury Innovations (formerly SciBX), the Archives gives you online access to the thousands of articles, charts and tables included in BioCentury Innovations. The easy-to-use search tool allows you to quickly search by keyword, disease category, product name, molecular target, dates and more.

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