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Senior Writer

BioCentury currently has openings for Senior Writers to evaluate scientific developments, clinical research, regulatory and public policy developments for their healthcare, commercial and investment impact and write about them for our publications.

Job Description

The fundamental duties of BioCentury’s Editorial Department include fact-finding, reporting, analysis and writing for the company’s publications and reports. Such activities require interviews in person or by telephone, research of the literature and compilation and organization of facts and numerical data from printed, electronic or other sources, often in collaboration with BioCentury’s Research Department.

The Senior Writer position requires the ability to report on and write for our publications about current events and trends in the areas of life science and biomedical technology including compounds in development, biological pathways, discovery tools, translational science and medicine, preclinical and clinical developments, regulatory review, politics and policy, and finance.

Projects and deadlines are determined by the Senior Editors. Assignments may be carried out in collaboration with other team members.

Requirements of the Position

A Senior Writer candidate will be able to show:

At least four years of work experience or other credentials to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the topics addressed by the company’s publications and services.
The ability to write complex, multi-source articles of up to 3,000 words at least six times a year that identify emerging trends and engage in interpretative, forward-looking thinking. In addition, the Senior Writer is expected to produce an average of at least two pages of published copy per week.
The ability to write clearly and accurately in English that is correct with respect to grammar, spelling and style, within the company’s deadlines. Fluency in a language other than English is highly desirable.
The ability to think analytically, to be able to evaluate the potential outcomes of actions or events, to communicate this reasoning in writing and, where appropriate, to provide supporting numerical analysis. Experience with financial modeling is highly desirable.
News judgment, i.e., the ability to prioritize news events in order of importance for the company’s audience, and to be able to explain the reasoning behind the ranking.
The ability to work with a high degree of independence to deliver high-quality work product on agreed schedules with a minimum of supervision.
A network of professional contacts and relationships in the relevant scientific and corporate communities who will contribute significantly to the content of the company’s publications and information services.

Finally, all BioCentury employees are obligated to meet the highest standards with respect to accuracy, conflict of interest, intellectual property rights, slander, confidentiality and respect for information sources and readers.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary commensurate with experience

Company-sponsored health and life insurance


401(k) plan