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Create Company List
  • 1Build a company list by selecting names
    To create a list of companies by choosing company names:
    • Select Companies by Name on the left hand tool bar. A search box and a menu of name ranges will appear on the right.
      • Click a name range to show all company names in that range.
      • Select the names to include in the new list. Selected names will appear in the Your selection is area below the search box.
      • Click Add to save your list.
  • 2Select Companies By Criteria
    When you use BCIQ to create a peer group of companies, financings or products, you can save the resulting list of companies as a named list. You can then access and use that personal named company list in other modules of BCIQ.

    Create a Company list by selecting criteria:
    • Click on Create New Search to select the module in which you would like to create your company list. You may create a company list in Financings, Financial Performance and Stocks under the Financial Analyst; the Pipeline Analyst and in Company Peer Groups under the Company Analyst.
      • Step 1. Read the instructions on the page of the module you chose and begin entering the criteria. You can also read instructions on how to create a BCIQ report under Preparing Reports in the Create New Search section.
      • Step 2. Click Display Table to lock in your criteria.
      • Step 3. The Display Table option will display on the next page, above the table of results.
      • Click Display Table. In the pop-up window that appears, enter a name for the list then click Submit.
      • Tip: The company list you have created will be saved for future use in the drop-down box below All Companies on the left hand tool bar.
      • You can manage your company lists here in MyBioCentury Tools under the List Management tab.