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BCIQ Alerts
Using your favorite searches in BCIQ, you can set up an email alert that will notify you of new content in the areas that interest you most. Email alerts are issued following our once-weekly updates to BCIQ
  • 1Create a new BCIQ email alert
    • Click on Set New Email Alert to select the module in which you would like to create your new BCIQ alert. You may create an alert in the Pipeline Analyst, in Company Peer Groups under the Company Analyst, and in Financings under the Financial Analyst.
      • Step 1. Read the instructions in the pop-up window, or close the window to see the module you chose and begin entering the criteria for your alert. You can also read instructions on how to set up a BCIQ alert in the BCIQ Help Tips page under BCIQ Alerts
      • Step 2. Click Display Table Table to lock in your criteria.
      • Step 3. The Set Email Alert button will display on the next page, along with a table that contains all the company's financings, or a message indicating that no current records meet your criteria
      • Click Set Email Alert. In the pop-up window that appears, enter a name for the alert, then click Submit.
      • Tip: The criteria set you have created will be saved for future use in the drop-down box below Financings Default Criteria.
      • You can manage your alerts here in MyBioCentury Tools under the Email Alert tab.
  • 2Manage BCIQ email alerts
    • To edit a BCIQ email alert
      • Click the underlined criteria name.
      • In the pop-up window, edit your alert here and click submit to enter your changes.
    • To delete a BCIQ email alert
      • Place a check mark in the box next to the alert you would like to delete.
      • Click Delete Alert.
    • To view a company list
      • Click the underlined name of the company list.
      • A pop up window will appear with your list of companies displayed.
    • To view a set of criteria you created
      • Click the underlined criteria name you would like to view.
      • A pop up window will appear with your criteria displayed.
    • To reset your email alert so only new results, since the last time you viewed your email alert results online, will display
      • In the Reset On Viewing column, place a check mark in the box next to the alert you would like to reset.
      • If you uncheck this box, each alert you receive will contain all the results for your alert since the date you set up your alert.
    • To view your alert results online
      • Click View Results.
      • This will take you to the appropriate BCIQ module and load the results for your alert. New records for your alert will display with a green background.