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Licensed Market Scale
Licensed market scale defines disclosed licensed territories by the number of Major Markets licensed or by the Emerging Markets. Major Markets include any one of the U.S., EU and Japan. Emerging Markets include Brazil, Russia, India and China. Emerging Markets is also applied to deals that are announced as licensing in "emerging markets" in the absence of listed countries. This filter applies to partnership deals only.
License applies to the entire global market
One Major Market
At least one major market is included in the agreement (one of: the U.S., EU or Japan)
Two Major Markets
At least two major markets are included in the agreement (two of: the U.S., EU or Japan)
Three Major Markets
At least three major markets are included in the agreement, but not the global market (all of the U.S., EU, and Japan)
Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets include at least one of Brazil, Russia, India or China. This also applies to deals where the companies state that the agreement is for "emerging markets" without disclosing what those markets are. In combinations of major and emerging markets, Major Markets is selected.
Other applies to agreements for countries outside of the major or emerging markets.